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Verse 1

At night I stalk the streets, stealth mode’s how I creep- looking for some wildness to get into

In all black down to the socks, camouflaged from your neighborhood watch, until I see something good on the menu

And then to my surprise, that’s when she graced my eyes- I couldn’t tell if it was just my imagination

She was banging and buxom, she had me hanging out my tongue- it was easy to peg this as infatuation




Girl you’re so Husky- Voluptuous and Lovely

Oh the things that I would do to you tonight~~~

Her body’s so proportionate, we’re all just so fortunate

To bear witness to such a beautiful sight~~~

Girl you’re so Husky- Voluptuous and Lovely

You better watch out cuz you’re just my type~~~

Her shape is so curvaceous – she’s just so outrageous

I can’t hold back I’ve got to make you mine~~~


Verse 2

I’m usually all about the mind; I cocked my head down to the side- my animal instinct took over the situation

She was busting out the seams, like David Banner when he turns green- I couldn’t think straight it was all about copulation

She’s got a body like a violin, that onion’s got me crying- I’m like damn baby girl what planet did you come from

She’s got so much sex appeal, I pinched myself to prove its real-When you see her, your mind’ll be in the same conundrum




Rap Verse 3

Allow me break it down in layman’s exactly what I’m saying-

It’s The ‘Husky’ explanation; it’s complimentary statement

It doesn’t mean that you’re fat; in-fact, means your breath taking

You’re such a beautiful creation; you provoke my adoration

She’s got more slopes than trigonometry, a sexy anomaly

Erections grow silently, in her direction predominantly

She’s perfection obviously; no objections bodily

Worship her like idolatry; she’s got it all like a monopoly

She’s a thoroughbred; you can tell she’s corn fed

She causes whiplash as fast as she turns heads

Baby’s got back and top; drop what Mix-a-Lot said

She can even make a ‘Brickhouse’ look like a wooden shed

Her chassis is shaped like a corvette; this dame is gorgeous

Her curve’s swerve is insane like the frame of a corset

Breaking me out in a cold sweat; I’ve got to have it like an addict

I wanna put my banana in that fruit basket



Copyright © 2013

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