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We Continue to Rock

i wanna rock for you so bad it hurts.
i still got alot to do to break this curse.
emerge from the ashes and im better than before.
pickup where i left at, its time to settle the score.
lost too many loved ones, lost too many friends.
was beginning to come undone with any distraction
now we’re back with a vengeance, i know it’s been a while since
my destiny is still calling, its the return of the wildness.
I cant even turn on he radio anymore
listening to all this bollucks it brainwashing for sure
We set your mind free, so let it soar
life is full of opportunities just break down that door
so go for yours and never take a pause
no matter what they’re telling you, keep the faith in you cause
its just the thick and thin, so have no fear
fight till the end, your time is near

We continue to rook
We continue to rock
We continue to rock
The LRC nah we’ won’t be stopped

alt groove (solo opt)~

(I wanna groove)
I wanna rock until you can’t rock no more
I wanna roll, roll you right down on the floor
I wanna touch you like you’ve never been touched before
I wanna love you, forever more.

-alt chorus-
and we continue
we continue-
and we continue to rock for you


Copyright © 2013

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