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No A** Tonight

Verse 1

She’s got a headache; and it’s not up for debate, you’ll just have to wait

I know what you’re thinking, but that’s not what she’s thinking, you two just aren’t syncing

You wanna screw, but she’s not in the mood, she’d rather watch the tube

There’s no attraction, so it just ain’t happening

Chorus 3X

No ass tonight (No ass tonight)

She’s got a headache

Verse 2

When you’re feel’n randy, and she don’t wanna give up the panties, Ya better try plan B

They say you’ll go blind, but you’re backed up like a welfare line, it’s like that way sometimes

When you’re out with the guys, and you catch a fine one making eyes, ya better realize

You better lose these morons, or ain’t nothing going on

Chorus 3X

-Groove Break-

Verse 3

If you’re out in a bar, and ya eye’n a hottie from afar, but you’re stuck playing guitar

Yes, you’re in the band, and you feel like you’re the man, tonight you’re in demand

The set is about end now, and ya steady thinking about how, you’re gonna knock it out

You tell someone to bring her, but she leaves with the singer!

Chorus 3x

Groove out-

No ass———-tonight

No ass-No ass ——-tonight

No ass-No ass ——–tonight

No ass-No ass ——–tonight

No ass-No ass ——–tonight


Copyright © 2013

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