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Lurk’n (LRC’n)


We’re Ubiquitous

Always on the guest list

Like who the fuck is this?

When it’s going down, we’re guaranteed to be around

Portable Wildness

We bring the party with us, and if you don’t know you probably missed us

We’re not a hoax

I’m just lurk’n

Behind the curtains

I’m just chillin

Enjoying the feelings

I’m just hanging out trying to see what you’re about

I’m just laying low…

And I’m not stalking you… you just caught my eye when I was walking through

Do you mind if I linger…

Wanting no attention

I keep my distance

I play it cool

While watching you groove

I utter no pick up lines, but if you’re digging me tell me with your eyes

Is that jackass with you?

I really didn’t think so, so let’s grab our things get up and let’s go

We’re party hoppin!


I’ve been lurk’n girl, working hard to get next to you

I won’t stop lurk’n baby until it starts to work on you


Copyright © 2013

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