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Isn’t Love Enough

Your life is good, you should count your blessings

Ya never know when it’s showing you a lesson

Your wild side is a cry for attention

Ya try to hide and deny your intentions

Searching for solace in the arms of a stranger- did you get his name

You’re ignorant to the possible danger, when you play this game

The foreign substance someone slipped in your cocktail- ya start to lose control

Though you won’t listen I’m persistent and won’t fail, to get you off that road

Isn’t Love Enough


~Don’t know what to tell you, but what your doing, it just might kill you. And someday is closer tomorrow- don’t you want to be hear for all of us? And don’t think, that nobody loves you, I’m your friend and I say that I do, and I hope that’s enough to keep you hear with us~

Your life so far has been far from perfect

Falling apart it’s been hard to find purpose

On all the bad times ya mind is focused

Through all the pain you proclaim that it’s hopeless

You believe no one cares about you- ya throwing in the towel

Do you think that the world without you- be better off somehow

Won’t be much longer the revolver is aimed to- ya start to lose control

Though you won’t listen, I’m persistent and trained to- get you off of that road

Isn’t Love Enough



Isn’t Love Enough now baby, Isn’t Love Enough now Sugar (until)


Copyright © 2013

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