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Dizzy Butterfly

The love is warm, where the butterflies swarm

Eyes to the sky, she spreads her wings to get high

Her body controls me, as she turns and weaves

Smelling like patchouli, she tastes like the birds and the bees

With glow sticks and hula hoops, she’s down to earth like roots,

Her colors trade moments, as she’s steady zone’n

She winds and twists, spinning in her own dimension

She must be rich, (cause) we pay her so much attention

She came to get down, and spread her love all around

The way she floats, I’ll put some comets in her cosmos

She’s sway’n in disarray, and with my frame I’ll follow

I keep her coming everyday, like her name is tomorrow


Dizzy butterfly, I love it when you flutter by, she twirls the world away

(Twirls the world away)

Dizzy butterfly, I love it when you flutter by, my way

(Fly my way)

Break down-

(Girl you’re my dizzy butterfly, such a pretty butterfly, girl fly my way)


Copyright © 2013

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