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Croutons on my Futon

Verse 1

Woke this morning, passed out

In a pile of trash

We had a party at my house

Man we had a blast

Some drank too much and threw up

All over the couch

Broken glass like beers blew up

Hope I don’t step on a Ouch!

Cigarette butts and ash trays

All over the floor

Burn marks and blood stains

We partied til we were sore

Complete wildness was set loose

When she came along

A trail of clothes to the bedrooms

We were getting it on

Chorus- Croutons on my futon! 4x

Verse 2

After party Aftermath

I gotta clean this up

I gotta focus and that’s a fact

First let me sober up

See dirty dishes all around

Now I’m bust’n suds

Ate all the food while wild’n out

They got some crumbs on my rug

Wake people up and kick them out

They gotta hit the road

My crib’s a mess and now I know

That’s just the way it goes

Croutons on my futon

I’m like what the hell?

It’s the one thing that I find peculiar

Amongst everything else


Classical Cretan breakdown

Croutons on my futon Croutons on my futon

Woke up this morning didn’t know what to think

You muthafuckas

Croutons on my futon Croutons on my futon

Went to brush my teeth, someone shitted in my sink

You muthafuckas!


Copyright © 2013

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