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Crack my Knuckles

Chorus: Let me crack my knuckles, now I’m ready to rumble

Step from behind the keys and make emcees knees buckle

Ladies they toss panties, though I’m pleased I stay humble

Tha Mindbenda makes ya stumble, bend’n ya mind into rubble

Who else can it be? Tha Mindbenda’s cause’n calamity

You must be out ya mind like insanity-If you think you can handle me

You try to curse me like profanity, I say please stop emphatically

But soon as I say something, I get it jumping automatically

Telepathically I spit, Sick! Like and attack command-

If you get out of line – I smack you with the back of the hand

What’s happening? I’m nice like the New York Stock Exchange

Who would’ve known I’d be here, and end up Rock’n Thangs!

Yeah, I usually sing, but don’t confuse me with the floozies

Only a few can walk in my shoes, see it’s that bull that amuses me

Seduce me to the darkside, this is a far cry from how I’m living

You suffer from final cessation of the central nervous system

You end up missing, like urinal cake from the pissing

You’re still waiting for the part where I say I was just kidding

Good riddance, I leave you linping from the lyrics I’m kicking

But it’s, only the beginning giving you a heart condition

V2Girls, I make’em jiggle, make’em wiggle their body

They dig my riddles and they flocking to me

They get so tickled, they’re like Benda you’re so funny

Ladies, you know I rock you like I’m down on one knee

Like I’m proposing, I keep you frozen

While I’m flowing, for it’s your attention that I am holding

Scolding and scorching, I blow up like I’m volcanic

But I can’t be blown away, I’ve got precise aerodynamics

Damn it, I cram it like I gotta test tomorrow

It’s getting late, ain’t gotta date I need some breasts to borrow

She likes my keystrokes, but when I flow I ain’t no joke

It’s my quotes that provoke’em they hope’n that we’ll elope

Nope-I keep’em fiend’n emcees I keep on creaming

Streaming down your cheeks is where I’m leaving my semen

Meaning, figuratively, ran a train on you mentally

Tha Mindbenda be messing wit ya mind intentionally

V3I surf on brainwaves, Andre, NJ, the resume

I add flav-or to the game just like a consume

Flambé you even if you ain’t a rapper, I get at cha

Capture your attention like hostage, I break it down like a fracture

Mastered the art of rapping and rocking, I get you clapping and stomping

That’s that portable wildness, that’s why this party ain’t stopping

I beat emcees like percussion, giving’em all concussions

My flow is disgusting like ya grandma wearing nothing

Rubbing on herself, like she all alone

Ya old ass rhymes leave cobwebs on the microphone

Girls, I keep’em smile’n while it’s emcees I’m burying

You know that Benda gets you open like a cesarean

With no anesthetic my rhetoric’s killing competitors

Like Amnesia forget it, you need to call the paramedics

I’m Exploding, I told him these are true skills you’re beholding

It was murder she wrote him, my flow is tight like a cold scrotum



Copyright © 2013

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