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Social dilettante.
World adventurer.
Test pilot.
Motivational Speaker.
Bull fighter.
Renaissance Man.

Anybody who knows Santos has heard these terms used to describe him. And you would have a hard time finding anybody who hasn’t heard of him. He has humbly assumed his rightful place among the giants of our time. Whether he’s helping Cambodians increase the yield of their rice crops through cutting-edge genetic technology or reading stories to deaf Serbian children in sign language, he leaves a lasting impression on everybody he meets.

While many of us start from humble beginnings and struggle to find our place in the world, Santos has charted a fascinating course of discovery and achievement from his earliest years. Indeed, there are few people alive today who have contributed so much to the betterment of the world.

Few of us can forget the 2-year-old Santos when he appeared on TV for the first time. That appearance, where he helped negotiate the release of hostages in Zimbabwe, was a fitting introduction to the powerful intellect we would come to know later. It was also a first glimpse of the compassion and selflessness we admire in Santos.

When he presented his paper titled, “Quantum Entanglement and the Socio-Devolutionary Proximity Effect” at his third-grade science fair, it sent shockwaves through the physics and anthropological communities. Entire textbooks had to be rewritten and not a few careers were ruined once the implications of his studies were fully understood.

As we all know, Santos completed High School when he was 12 and finished college at 15. While there have been other prodigies who have accomplished similar feats, none have done so while living among indigenous South American tribes to study their mystical knowledge about medicinal plants in the rainforest. His high school graduation ceremony was carried live via satellite on CNN, and was one of the network’s most highly-rated shows ever.

There’s not a person born in the past 20 years who didn’t learn about Santos’s 15th birthday present to the world – the innovative approach to relieving starvation around the world was presented with his usual lack of self-consciousness and humility when he simply said, “I didn’t think anybody should go without birthday cake. It’s just not right.”

Today, Santos divides his time between his AIDS research, his nanotechnology company, advising the UN Security Council, and building his second space station. When he needs a break from all of this, he plays guitar for The LRC.

“I like the change of pace with these guys,” he says. “I can just show up when I want, have a few drinks, play a little bit and nobody ever mentions that I’m a super genius. As far as the guys in the band are concerned, I’m just a regular person who likes to fish and act foolish.”

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