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If wildness is the life blood of the Living Room Conglomerate then Andre Jordan would definitely be its heart. This charismatic entertainer would best sum himself up with his own words- “The singer, the rapper, the keyboardist, the saxo-  phonist, the bonus, I’m known as the X-factor. –The Buzz”

Andre was no instant prodigy, though through determination and life’s turmoil and gratifications, spawned his inspirations in making memorable music. He studied several disciplines including piano, saxophone, and voice; yet still believes he was self taught. “I play and write what’s on my mind…I am still my greatest fan…and I crack myself up”.

Andre enjoys his craft and is stimulated when he gets to display his versatility to his listeners. “I love it when I look out in the crowd and they have this ‘what are they going to do next’ look on their faces…especially when I don’t even know.”  When composing a song, it becomes as spontaneous as random thought. Usually this causes for an improvised freestyle or solo to heighten the euphoria.

The message Andre conveys is simple- ‘Focusing on the fun’. In this manner he believes it to be freeing and allows him to connect with the audience. Whether listening to some of his hilarious lyrics or, watching him do his patented piano man dance his type of wildness proves his point.

Email Andre Here

“This guy is BANANAS!” – Ms. Chiquita

“Andre is off the wall like picture frames in an earthquake.” – 9.5

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